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WebInACan - WebInACan is a web authoring system that allows non-technical RV park staff to quickly and easily create a professional web site for your RV park. You will have a professional looking web site in just hours. And it costs very little. 

Your new web site will feature:

  • A Welcome Page
  • An Optional Login or Register Page
  • An Amenities Page
  • Park Details with Photos
  • Rates and Discounts
  • Reservation Processing
  • A Park Layout Page
  • Driving Directions with Google Maps
  • GPS Coordinates and Google Earth Display
  • An Unlimited Photo Gallery with Popups
  • An Unlimited Video Gallery with Popups
  • An Event Calendar, in Park and Offsite
  • A Local Attractions Listing's Page
  • Weather Information
  • Published Newsletters
  • Coupons
  • Guest Survey
  • Park Reviews
  • Contact Us Page
  • Advertisers Click Thru
  • An Update My Profile Page

A Sample Home Page

72 Degrees is where your guests want to be.

Tools - The tool consists of two parts, one used by the staff and one viewed by the public. Content is stored in a database. The authoring tool allows staff to:
  • Define Your Organization
  • Define Your Park or Parks
  • Define Your Staff
  • Edit Guest Information
  • Review Reservation Statistics
  • Review Site Usage

The Main Menu

Using WebInACan - Using WebInACan is described on the next pages. Click Next to continue. Live and sample web sites, click here. What happens next, click here.

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72° - Where Your Guests Want to Be

Updated 2017/09/09